weave (hair weft) extensions


The name hair weave is a general term for a hair piece into which hair is woven. First a horizontal underhand braid is made on the scalp and then the hair mat is sewed to the underhand braid. This is then applied in rows into the own hair, taking 1 cm distance from the scalp. This technique is mainly used in America and Africa.



The La Lady Luxury line has been carefully sorted following the Remy standard. It is also double drawn, which means the hair is very thick right until the ends. This model is available to a maximum of 60 cm, all extensions are 100 cm wide and weigh around 100 grams each. Individual extensions weigh around 1 gram per strand while clips weigh around 50 grams each and 25 cm wide. La Lady Luxury extensions are available in any color that you desire. We have our own range of colors you can choose from but if you would prefer a different color we’d be happy to customize.

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Weaving Extensions
Weave Handmade
Weave Extensions (natural grey)
Weave Extensions (grey)
Weave Natural
Weave Extensions Classy


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